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Omega Super Alnico 6 speakers for swap


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Kind of a fishing expedition here, but here goes ... I have an amazing pair of Omega Super 6 Alnico speakers in mint condition. I bought these one year ago in custom Walnut finish. They are superb speakers, but I have another pair of Omegas and kind of don't need two pairs, so I'm looking for someone to trade with. I'm looking for a pair of Forte III's or possibly Conwalls (of in my fantasy world, K-horns).


About my Omegas: These are the updated version of Omega's most highly regarded single-driver speaker. They are 97 db efficient, so they absolutely sing with low-powered tube amps, but can also handle higher powered solid state gear just fine. They are extremely fast, and they image very much like electrostatic speakers (their soundstage is almost frighteningly spacious and realistic). They also produce remarkably deep, tight bass -- so much so that I retired my REL subwoofer when I bought these. (I think they are rated down to 35hz.) These speaker excel at reproducing acoustic guitar and vocals, but unlike many single-driver designs, they also rock out with the best of them. They can handle complex music remarkably well. If you can't tell, I am an absolute Omega fanatic -- but I also love the Klipsch sound. So ... hoping for the best of both worlds with one Omega system and one Klipsch system. I'm happy to send pics to anyone interested. I'm also willing to ship. I have their original boxes and packaging material.


These are the floorstanders, not the monitors, BTW. Also: I'm located in Northville, MI, just outside of Ann Arbor and Detroit.

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