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Help With Speaker Decision


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Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and was hoping for some advice on speaker selection. I bought a Marantz 2270 receiver in very good condition and I’m looking for a set of speakers that will work well for music (mostly vinyl). I did some research online and found some recommendations for Klipsch speakers with Marantz receivers, which led me to this forum.

I see that some users recommend the Forte but these seem quite expensive. I was wondering if you may have a more affordable recommendation? (ie < $1000). 

I did some searching and I found a set of KG-4 for $500, and RF-82 for $650. I’m not sure which would work better in my space. My room is small, roughly 15x17ft.

Any help would be appreciated!

Kindest regards,



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On 3/4/2019 at 6:02 PM, Jive talkin said:

Find some used forte 1 or 2s upgrade the xovers and tweeters to titanium and BINGO can be done for 1000.

by doing these upgrades, would you say that they are like forte3s after?... just listen to the forte3s again and they sound great. but doing upgrades on 1 or 2s would be easier for the wife to get on board.

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Never heard the 3s but did the upgrades to the 1s and not disappointed at all.If you find 1s to upgrade reasonable and aren’t in love with them ( which you will be ) you will always get your money back out of them. Sometimes you got to go out on a Limb. That’s were the fruit is and also wait for it the nuts to. Just do it

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On 3/4/2019 at 6:42 PM, Firewalker said:

I bought a Marantz 2270

John; welcome :D  The 2270 will be great for any Klipsch speaker.  (I had my 2252B on big pro theater KPT-904's :) ).

The KG4's are a very good speaker, but the more refined Forte's are a good suggestion.  You can find nice model I's for $500. Chorus' are even better, but just about impossible to find :(  If these speakers are too big, even Heresy's will work just fine in the small room. Just make sure to do the Ti diaphragm upgrade. :D 

Have fun, Emile

PS ... where are you located? Will probably sell my pristine Forte I's shortly. (Upgrading to JBL bass bins with K-510 horns.)

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