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Subwoofer to Pair with RP-8000F


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I have  a set of RP-8000F speakers and I am looking for a sub to pair with them.   I only listen to music, and the RP-8000F are authoritative and very dynamic but I feel they are missing a bit of bass.  The type of music I  listen to varies from classic country to Indie to punk rock.   The RP-8000F speakers are being driven by an Emotiva PT100 preamp and A-300 amplifier.  The A300 is 150W RMS at 8 ohms per channel.   The room is 12 feet wide ,18 feet deep, has 9 foot ceilings and is enclosed with carpet for flooring. The RP-8000F speakers are in the front of the room on the 12 foot wall about  9 or 10 feet apart and about a foot away from the wall. I have been considering the  Klipsch R10-swi, BIC F12, SVS pb 1000, and  a Definitive Technology   Supercube 2000 or 4000.   I would like to stay under 500 if possible.   Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated, and i am not set on any of these subs listed above, they are just the ones I have been looking at.. Unfortunately I don't have anyway here close by to audition these in person.





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hi mitch, 

  you have some very nice klipsch speakers, congrats on your purchase. If you mainly listen to music on them. you may want to consider going with a sealed sub. my rp-280f’s sound much better with a svs-sb2000, for music & ht, compared to the ported klipsch sub i started with. If your close to a best buy magnolia, they usually have both sealed & ported subs for you to audition in person.

good luck 

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