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JBL L200T3 restored


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For the serious collector. You will not find another pair for sale anywhere. If you don't know, just ask. Happy to help.




My location is Fall River, Wisconsin 53932

Come on over for a listening session, no commitment required


https://manuals.harman.com/JBL/HOM/Technical Sheet/L200t3 ts.pdf


I have for sale 1 pair of L200T3 speakers. I actually have 2 pairs, but I am keeping one pair for myself. Audio Venture in Waukesh, Wisconsin is where the speaker drivers were restored. Paperwork will be provided in the sale. The cabinets are all hand done by me. Many hours have went into this. I just need some space back for other interests.


These are extremely rare. Manufactured in 1990 only. Less than 1000 pairs were ever produced.  Original MSRP in 1990 was $999 each. The L200T3 are easily compared to the JBL 4425 monitors, which were themselves the baby sister to the JBL 4430. Both L200T# and 4425 share the same bi-radial horn and driver. The differences are in the woofer, and cabinet. The cabinetry is identical to the JBL L100T3.


Let me know if you require accomodations on getting these to your location. It is possible to split the cost of moving these over shorter distances by meeting me halfway. I will not be providing any form of freight style shipping options. If necessary I will deliver these myself, with a travel expense fee added to the final sale price.



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