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SOLD: Designer La Scalas, birch and cane, CLEAN $1750/obo


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--Edit 04/16/19: The LaScalas have been sold.


--Edit: LSBL, consecutive serial numbers 31Y9xx with AL crossovers. Y in the serial number makes them 1983, as does the AL xover I believe.

--Edit2: Klipsch light-up sign has been sold.




Southeast Massachusetts. $1750/obo face to face, cash.


Downsizing my audio habit, selling more speakers.

Up for sale are my La Scalas. Circa 1982, if memory serves. They were home theater speakers for the original owner back when that meant 35mm projection!

I am the second owner. The first had glass tops fitted and the glass tops have been on since day one.

Original crossovers and components, never overdriven.

I'll have them upstairs and connected for demo soon.







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4 hours ago, GrapplesInStereo said:


My bad everyone. I was in the wrong thread. I sold something else that was actually - you know - mine to sell. 


Sorry to confuse everyone. I was trying to mark my amp as sold. Clearly this thread is 1) not for an amp; and 2) not a listing for something I own. 



No worries! 

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