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Forte III and Emotiva Gear


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Hello all! I'm looking to relocate my office, which means I won't have enough room for my current setup so I'm looking to downsize. All items are in mint condition and working perfectly!



Forte III cherry - $1800 for the pair
R-112SW - $275 each (2 available)


For the Emotiva fans - 
XSP-1 gen 2 Preamp - $650 Sold
XPA-1L (maybe gen 2? not sure) Monoblock Amp - $375 each (2 available)
ERC-3 gen 2 CD Player - $300
DC-1 DAC - $300

XDA-2 DAC (gen 2) - $300

I'd much rather sell these locally (Indiana), but I do have boxes for everything except the subs in the event someone wants to pay for shipping. All prices are OBO, I'm also listing the bundle on the Emotiva forum. Thanks for looking!




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14 hours ago, Kalifornian said:

Ummmmm Forte III price is stupid cheap... GLWYS thats great pricing

I'm kind of surprised they're still available... I had a couple buyers try to pick them up as soon as I listed but both ultimately decided against an upgrade. The Forte III are great but so are the Forte I and II!

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If I hadn't picked up a pair of less pristine Forte III, I likely would have picked these up.


If there is anyone on the fence in the Chicago area, I have Forte, Forte II, and Forte III.  If you need a comparison before driving to pick these up.

I haven't gotten a lot of listening time in on the Forte III.  Very punchy bass and a worthy successor to the excellent Forte and Forte II family.

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