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Klipsch Academy Center Black Lacquer

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A second Academy is available if you want a pair.


My location is Fall River, Wisconsin 53932
Let me know if you require accommodations on getting these to your location. Free Delivery is available within 100 miles from zip 53932.




Selling one very clean Klipsch Academy. This one comes with options. 

1) Decide if you want the original box, packaging materials, with 2 matching serial # tags. +$50

2) Decide if you want Bob Crites titanium tweeter diaphram installed to timbre match your own front left and right channel. +$25

3) Decide if you want Bob Crites Klipsch Academy crossover board installed. +$95

4) Decide how you want to receive this. Shipping is at your expense. I will drive up to 100 miles, or meet you halfway.










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First one is sold. Crites titanium tweeter is gone. Crites crossover board is gone.




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One more available. 


Like new old stock.


It is perfect in every way.  Literally as close to new old stock as you can get. Fresh pics coming Sunday along with a new special price for Klipsch Community members only. Look for the new thread Sunday in Garage.


Shipping is double boxed to protect the original Klipsch Academy box and packaging.



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