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Denon 4500 with external amp setup question


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Hey all,


I'm researching my new AVR I purchased and setup, the Denon x-4500H, and in the menu I can create a 11.2 config with an external amp. Denon allows me to visually config the Front Left and Front Right to be used by the pre-outs in the GUI. However, if I want more speakers to go to the external amp, like if I have a 5 channel amp, I would also want the center channel and surrounds to also go to the pre-outs. Does anyone know if the AVR just detects more items plugged into the pre-outs because you cannot select speaker by speaker what is going to the external amp and what speakers are driven by the receiver....does the GUI show the speakers greyed out when actually plugged into pre-outs?


Thanks for any help!


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The Denon will output power to speakers properly connected to the Denon speaker terminals. The external amplifier will power speakers properly connected to its own speaker terminals, provided that you have made the proper RCA pre-out on the Denon to the pre-in connections on the amplifier. The only thing you need to set within the Denon GUI is what configuration you are intending to use. Denon has a walkthough GUI that is very simple to follow. Make your choice in the GUI, and with now with the setting matching the cabling, the Denon and amp will do the rest without anymore action required from you. Or as I like to say RTFM....Read The F*(%!$g Manual. That's how I got so smart.😎

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haha thanks man - I def read the manual, it just seems like bad design when the user interface doesn't sync up with what the unit is actually capable of doing you know? I design and program interfaces for a living so it always annoys me when its not intuitive and clear. Basically, when you select the fronts to be connected to the external amp, in the GUI they have a little icon of PRE above them when selected. It only makes logical sense to me that I should be able to tell the unit that the center or the rears are going to the external amp - so they too should get the icon of PRE above them as well. Hopefully that makes sense - if the speaker is going to the external amp - it should have the PRE icon above it - boom problem solved lol.


Anyways thank you for informing me that I just need to hook it all up correctly and have it set to 11.2!




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