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Heresy troubleshootind partII

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This is a continuation from the “Heresy troubleshooting” I started in the 2 channel section.


Figured I move my Heresy posts here, as my project is turning more into a restoration than a trouble shoot.

the original started here:


Tested some new 2uF caps in the Type D schematic and that removed most of the strange noises. Swapped out the Quad 306 for another Quad 405-2 and that cured completely the issue. 


Here is the rework with some quick and dirty connections.

Am currently looking at the differences between type D and E. Might completely refresh the first crossover to E type and compare.


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And here is a shot of the cabs with and without the oil/turp. 

This is after 5 layers. 

Very satisfying bringing the veneer back to its shine. 

Thanks for all the advice so far.


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Current list of tweaks

1. sanded down and oiled up with 1-3 turp oil ration

2. new 2uF sonicaps installed

3. Tweets Crites CT120s

4. Swapped back with 3/4 plywood and installed more user friendly terminals

5. no plans to change woof or k55...yet

6. move from temporary placement by TV and build appropriate stands


playing sweet music now

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During the years, I have come to realise that what I am looking for in a speaker is not ultimate details, deeeeep bass or Concert level sound pressure.

The Heresies are very dynamic and lifelike. There is a presence to the sound that resonates with my ears. 

Currently they are resting on the TV console and that places them just a bit to high for the tweets to be more at ear level. 

I hope that lowering them on custom stands is going to do help creating a stronger 3D illusion, which is one of the traits that I value in a speaker. (the small Tanbergs in the photo excel in this but lack the snap the Hereires have.)



Amplification curtesy of this little gem. EL84 push pull VA-One by QUAD 

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