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Need POC for open cell foam for non-isolating headphones

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OK...this is NOT about Klipsch Headphones...so I really don't have a clue where to post this BUT....I have a very old set of headphones which work perfectly, but the open cell foam earpads have been history for DECADES...and I will have to cut new ones for these headphones...what I have is rarely heard of nowadays and were VERY expensive when bought in 1975:  Koss Phase 2+2 quad headphones.  I would like to get them wearable, but need the foam to cut earpads from...the replacement earpads have been unobtaniuum since around 1980 or so!  Any ideas??

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On 4/15/2019 at 3:03 AM, JefDC said:

I kinda like that idea!  But, in a slightly-modified form....Thanks a bunch!


I never could understand just WHY Koss came out with such an expensive set of headphones having such crap used on them for the ear cushions!...not to mention being NON-ISOLATING!


BUT, they likely are the very best TRUE quad headphones ever made!...and extremely rare to find nowadays...they only marketed them for a year or so...meager sales probably caused them to drop them from the line....if they had come out with them a few years earlier they would have probably sold more of them!

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