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Greetings fellow audio ancients,

     I only joined this group to maybe find out more about the Vitavox company, who, apparently, was associated with Klipsch for some period, in some way.

My story:  I purchased some speakers for my shop, years ago.  They ended up in storage for awhile.  Recently I took a good look at them and they turned out to be Vitavox Bitone 3200 units..........but.......these beautiful (on the outside), solidly built cabinets  were possibly built in Toronto, Canada, using drivers from Vitavox.  They didn't have any official agreement with Vitavox, but Vitavox didn't really mind, as they were purchasing their drivers.  So, I find myself in possession of a pair of superb sounding units.  The drivers (AK121 12" woofers and CP1 550Hz horns) are in amazing cosmetic condition (see photos) and the Bakelite crossovers look brand new. 


Is anyone familiar with these?  Is there anything you think I should know about them?  I am selling them for $6,500.00 CDN right now, but I don't mind if they just stay here and entertain me.  My livingroom sounds like a theatre.


If I am truly in the wrong forum, just say so.


Hungry for information,










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