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Need help from someone in Las Vegas


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I had set up a transaction for a pair of KG.5's from a guy in Las Vegas and it has now gone sour after he got my money.

If anyone is from Las Vegas and can give me a hand with dealing with this.....please send me a private message or email me at myram@angelfire.com

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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No it wasn't an eBay transaction, it was from an ad on www.audioreview.com. I did call the LVPD and because it done over the internet they can't do anything about it. I have to get the FBI involved and the Nevada Attorney General office involved....and that is alot of work in itself.

I would like to find someone to just go over to the guys house, get the speakers( which are supposedly already boxed up and ready to ship) and go to the shipping outlet and send them on their way to me.

I lost contact with the guy Tuesday night, and now he has canceled his cell phone number that I had.

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it......I am out $140 and had to buy another pair of KG.5's today on eBay for another $140.


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Sorry to hear about your experience. What are we to do these days? It would be nice if major cities had some kind of consumer group to act as a third party protector. To me, a reasonable fee for such a service would be worth it.


John P

St Paul, MN

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i thought of cod too, but if someone really wanted to get u, i guess they could just send

a box with brick(s) in it. i know for collectables they send cod in a clear sleave.

i would think the insurance has to state what is in the box though. maybe they'll let u open the box & look before u pay or put a stop on the cod if it's not good (doubt that). seems like a lot of trust needed regardless.

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UPS won't let you open a C.O.D. box. However, there is a solution. I use iescrow.com. I give them the money, you ship me the stuff. I get 3 days to test the stuff and they then release the money automatically. If during the 3 days I find a problem an e-mail stops payment, but I can't get my money back until you get your stuff back. Tracking numbers establish the location of the goods at any time.


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Well, after letting the police do some work in the case.....the guy I am dealing with is on parole. The detective dealing with the case spoke with the parole officer, and the parole officer can't wait to see this guy and find out what is going on.

So hopefully things will end up in my favor after all.....and I will then have 2 pair of KG.5's since I had to buy another pair on ebay.

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Well all is good now.......I finally got my $137 back from the scumbag.

I had a local police detective working on the case and he contacted the guys probation officer in Las Vegas and he really shook the guy up. I got a money order today for $137 in a certified letter finally after he was suppossed to have sent it 2 weeks ago.


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