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Forte II K 61 Crites Tim diaphragms trade for stock

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I bought a pair of modded Forte II's with Crites Ti diaphragms.  They are a little too bright for my taste using tubes and would like to trade for stock diaphragms.   Is there anyone wanting to trade even and update their Forte II's?

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The diaphragms ended up being phenolic and not ti.  I originally had a pair of Forte I's and replaced them with these Forte II's that had been re worked with a nice veneer, crites ti tweeters, crossovers supposedly redone by crites, and updated mid diphragms.(thought I was told crites ti, but have learned there aren't crite ti updates for the mid)


For some reason, the Forte II's don't sound near as good as the original Forte's to me using same location and gear.  They sound much harsher and not near as natural.   I changed back to the stock tweeter and it improved it but not near enough.   But this deserves a thread of its own......

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