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Klipsch RF-83's - Metro Detroit


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On 4/29/2019 at 6:26 PM, teaman said:

Funny, a pair was just listed two months ago in the same area for $900. Inflation

LOL!  You're just suspicious.  🤣  I did not have the $900 RF-83's you mentioned in the spreadsheet, that one just got by me.


I'm a little mixed on these.  The price seems a little high but I do have a pair of RF-83's documented which listed in Atlanta for $1200 so I dunno.  I don't have a confirmation whether they actually sold at that price point.


The spreadsheet says the Average is $916 but there are some lowball prices and other sales data not confirmed making the average not very reliable IMO.  I guess it comes down to what used speakers are always worth, whatever a willing Buyer and a willing Seller can agree on.

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