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  But rate us a bigger variable than AAC or MP3. If 96k or less AAC  makes an improvement. Better lossey reconstruction. Once above 192K the evaluations say the sound is the same. 
  I only use 320k feeds. All I have located are MP3. 
  This is what I use the Sangean for. Find the high resolution internet eadio stations. 
  I have only searched for Jazz and Classical. Found more than 15 stations for each. 
  One day I will do again. Takes an hour to sort through 600 Stations to check bitrate. 
  Think the listing comes from Recievia. Not sure what they do for a living. But is still updated. 
  Audiophile Audition is Psychomed. All 320K. 
  Listener supported, no advertising, they have 6 streams. 
  Baroque, Classical, Jazz, Lounge, Rick - Blues, and Extreme Live. 
  Only really listen to the Classical. Next to Radio 3 it is the best I have found. 
  But the Jazz seems to match CD quality. Lot of European artists. 
  Wife likes the Lounge.
  I would prefer a blues and a rock. But blues might get like Sirius running 24/7. Seems like A Blues station anyway. 
  The Extreme Live seems more New Age or maybe World Music. 
  Think the stream names are a guide. Running 24/7 programming leaves slots for alternatives. 

    Keep wanting to order Qobuz. But letting someone else select the tracks is better for me. I end up listening to the same songs after a while.

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On 5/13/2019 at 7:26 PM, JohnKuthe said:


Anyone CAN Look at Steve Winwood! He was fantastic at first in Spencer Davis Group, then Blind Faith, Traffic, then he kinda went to sweet shit the longer he went on!

Pablum Music is EASY! 

Johnny Thunders never made Pablum Music, he was Rock-n-Roll until the very end! I was lucky enough to see him in a STL show, early 1980's. He WAS a pretty bad heroin junkie though. 😞

John Kuthe...


You seem to be confusing Ambient with Easy Listening.  They are not the same.

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WDCB Chicago (Glen Ellyn) for jazz and blues

WFMT Chicago for classical

SirusXM B.B King's Bluesville


I've extensively compared WDCB and WFMT FM broadcast to streaming. I prefer streaming. Not a deal breaker. There just seems to be less of a "veil" over the sound. Slightly more clarity and fullness.


I was about to cancel my SirusXM subscription until they changed their policy. Now I can stream it into my home system without any additional "radio" and additional subscription. I'm really diggin' B.B. King's Bluesville channel. Wide range of "blues" from old traditional acoustic stuff to modern hard rockin blues (blues rock). Interesting DJ's too - Shemekia Copland, Joe Bonamassa, Early Times.

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On 5/10/2019 at 12:10 PM, mustang_flht said:

I just had an internet radio / Dab + / Digital yesterday.




I am here in France and I can listen to you, the USA, as if you were next, this technology is great.


Here we have a great radio on FM, world music radio and Jazz: 3DFM. But I do not know if there is the internet version, if yes I will give you the link so you can listen to some of my country





About 7 years ago I replaced my Yamaha T1 & T2 FM tuners with NAD C446 Digital Media Tuner which has AM/FM & world wide streaming.


My wife came home before I got it set up and the box put away. She walks into the music room and says "OK, how much did it cost?". I start explaining why I got it and she repeats "So how much did it cost?"


I said listen to this......this radio station is playing from Lithuania (she's Lithuanian). She thinks I'm giving her some BS (the station is playing American Rock). When the music stops and the announcer starts talking you should have seen the look on her face!!


Then I tell her "It was $600." She says "Oh, only $600? I thought you were going to say 3 or 4 THOUSAND." And I'm thinking, damn, I could have spent another couple of grand before she got pissed?

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I have been listening to classical out of NYC affiliated with the New York Philharmonic. Very good quality.

DJs are quite studied on classical and play composers I have never heard.


In 2020 I sometimes need only the words in my head.

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On 9/27/2020 at 11:10 AM, ccdowenye said:


Radio Paradise is great!  Their sets (or arcs, as they sometimes call them) can include some pretty esoteric tunes, but I'm happy to be exposed to music I've never heard before, even by artists that I'm familiar with.  It can be hard to turn off Radio Paradise when it's time to go to bed, since much of the music is familiar to anyone who came of age between the mid-Sixties and late Seventies.  Now I'm considering replacing the bedroom AVR with one that can receive Net Radio.


If you like alternative rock, you can find it at Alternantes, a station from Nantes, in France.  Thanks to them, now I know how Nantes is pronounced, and they play some good stuff.  New Clear Radio, from Switzerland, plays Classic Rock and Indie Rock.


For early American blues, Miled Music - Blues does some John Lee Hooker and other really good blues.  There are several Miled Music stations, with various genres of music available.  They're from Mexico.


If you want to dial in your subwoofer(s), punch in "Deep House Radio (DHR)" from Cork City in Ireland.  They play pretty much nonstop deep beats.  And some of the tunes are good.


If you want to go to sleep, go to Sleepradio (sleep radio.co.nz), a mom-and-pop station from rural New Zealand.  It's nonstop dreamy trancy music with no ads and no DJs, other than the 30-second intro that explains a bit about the station.  That plays whenever you go to the station, then it's uninterrupted sleepy music.

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If you want background music with singing bowls, check out Longplayer.  It’s designed to run the same tune for 1,000 years, from 1999 until 2099, without repeating.  It’s based on a 20- minute tune, and then made to a formula that ensures it’s always different.  Oddly enough, the idea was created by Jem, Finer, a member of The Pogues.  It can put me in a mellow mood.


At present, I alternate between Radio Paradise, from California, Gem New Wave Radio from Dublin, Ireland, Longplayer, from London, England, and CBC Radio One from Victoria, BC.


Different stations for different moods.

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On 12/2/2020 at 10:03 AM, Panelhead said:

Psychomed radio is GONE. They had six streams running, all at 320 k. Great music selection. 

  I noticed it a month ago, hoped it was technical issue. Guess it was a financial issue. 


Looks like you are correct.  Even an e-mail asking about them bounced back.  I hate that! 

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