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Volume level settings after Audyssey calibration


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I just did my calibration on the Denon 4500H + Emotiva xpa 5 gen3 and when the volume is moderate I feel like I need to edit the calibration settings to turn up the center channel and turn down the rears. However when the volume is turned up for like a movie, I then feel like the center needs to be re adjusted again. So what level of volume does Audyssey recommend for movie viewing when it does its calibration? In my room almost all the speakers get -5 or -7db with the exception of the atmos and sub. Tv listening is usually around a 45 or 50. Movie is 60 - 65 max and then it starts to shake the whole house.


Thanks for any help!



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Audyssey usually calibrates center channels in a way that makes it sound less loud. Turning the center up is a usual thing to do after any room calibration software have been done. Im pretty sure there is a db setting that lets you adjust db across all sources and another one that only adjust for example dvd, blu-ray, game, HEOS and such... 


What I did on my marantz was to adjust all the speakers db levels across all sources to the point that it works when any source is playing. After that I fine adjusted each speakers db for the specific sources. To give you an example: When I fine-tuned the speakers for movies, I upped the center channel. But with HEOS (music), I upped the db for the two fronts (because I listen in stereo). I should also mention that I don't use Audyssey. I've found doing the settings manually is a much more rewarding and fun thing, even though it takes a bit of time.


Sadly, I only have a 5.1 and have therefore no pointers I can give you when it comes to rear speakers.   

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