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Had some very bad news yesterday

mr clean

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314 Carpenter...................so sorry for your Loss, Sounds like you all did the best you could for your sister. I am sure she appreciated that.


last Monday we received word that Duke Med Center said Dad need not visit any Longer, They think he has less than 3 months.  Over the weekend I moved him & his wife in with us.  Dad seems to have now accepted his fate. judging by his actions and statements.  They have offered him a Drug Trial which he is doing (First treatment was Friday) he was in good spirits had all the nurses laughing and other personnel coming from around the hospital to see his profane T-Shirt (I'm A Ray Of F_ _ _ing Sunshine)


We are taking it 1 day at a time, doing what I can and what he will allow to make him comfortable, Keep his spirits up as much as the situation allows


All prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated. No one should have to go through this, I honestly feel for anyone in the grips of this disease. It is a great awakening in my  understanding of how dreadful this stuff can be, Going to his treatment and seeing all the people fighting for life in the treatment area. Cancer truly has no bias it attacks all.


Again thank you all for the Prayers and thoughts

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Monday my brother tom was in a chair and told his wife he could not walk. He had a stroke when one of the tumors burst. He's doing better and in rehab but still not walking. I wish I could help him!  He is still in good mood but lord I don't know how. Prayers to all on here that need them.

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