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SOLD check is in the mail TYPE A/4500 Crites CROSSOVERS


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SOLD check is in the mail

PAIR of TYPE A/4500  Crites CROSSOVERS: FOR SALE $110 plus shipping lower 48 only. LIKE NEW USED ABOUT A MONTH WENT TO Bi amp

  NOTE: REQUIRES THE USE CT125 or CT120 TWEETERS.  THE STANDARD K-77 TWEETERS MAY BE DAMAGED BY USE OF THIS TYPE CROSSOVER.1858036041_2019-05-0617_48_12.thumb.jpg.35ab71e56ec82651b27117c72271ddb3.jpg

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It's been three hours and these still haven't been sold?  :o


I had a pair of A/4500's on my 1979 Khorns which I bought used for a LOT more.  I put a SEOS 12" w/DNA360 CD on top of the Khorns which were significantly better than the OEM K-77's and the sound was out of this world.  Being able to place them on top took care of time alignment issues as well.  Everything was plug and play.


I predict these A/4500 XO's will be gone in 3-2-1...





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14 hours ago, bkwa1959 said:

Looking forward to trying these in a pair of my modded pair of Klipschorns



You won't be sorry, and even if it turns out you don't like them you can always sell them for at least, as much as you have in them.

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Wvu80, you were 100% right I am not sorry I received the crossovers today,they were well packed and in like new condition.They sound great in the Klipschorns I put them in,I had planned on selling those Klipschorns,but I may keep them now.A big thanks to Eugene for a great packing job and fast shipping.

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