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‘78 La Scala Refresh

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This past weekend, I saw and purchased a set of 78 La Scala from a knowledgeable and friendly member through the Garage Sale forums.  


I plan on refreshing the AA crossovers through Bob Crites.  While the crossovers are out, I’d like to spend a day or two on the cabinets.  I plan to use  0000 steel wool, Howard’s restore and/or feed n wax.  


I’m asking for recommendations:

1.  Best way to reduce/remove water ring

2.  At one point the cabinets were painted.  They have been stripped but residual paint remain in the pores of the wood plus in the back of the bass bin.  I think I’ll end up painting the back of the bass bins to cover it up.  Any suggestions there?

3.  The grills were added by the owner.  Would people keep the grills or remove them?  I’m torn.  


Looking forward to a fun project and to enjoy these for a long time!








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Your idea of Restore a Finish and #0000 steel wool is probably good enough to remove the water marks. They do make Restore-A-Finish with a bit of varnish to add some darker color to help hide all imperfections. Assuming of course these are just raw birch La Scalas with no finish. Another option is Danish Oil with a bit of dark varnish. I've used Walnut Danish Oil and Dark Walnut Danish oil.  If you want to keep the natural Raw Birch look with some natural pretty glow. You can use the Restore a Finish and steel wool to remove water marks. Dry off all residue with a paper towel until nothing comes off anymore/maybe even wait some days, and then you can just use Natural Watco Danish Oil too. Just 3 coats should be good enough. Danish Oil can leave a beautiful shine/glow to the natural wood. You can again use #0000 steel wool with the Danish Oil on the last application.  After you clean off all left over residue. You can leave it alone and let it dry completely over a few weeks and then you can apply Feed N Wax as a bit of extra protection. 
An example of Walnut Danish Oil on sanded raw oak Chorus II's(nothing else done to it-though i did apply a wax top coat later):

(Keep the grills!) Also, no idea what you'd do about the backs of the dog house. Really tough to get back there. I've only repainted Industrial La Scalas black and even that was tough. Can't imagine stripping/sanding and staining. Seems a daunting task. 


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Thanks Maximus.  I forgot the mention the cabinets are raw birch and I want keep them as close to original as possible. 


Im thinking about using Howard’s restore a finish (neutral or natural pine). 


I also forgot to ask to ask about the safest way to remove paint from the back of the cabinet.  I’ve never stripped paint from wood before.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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You can sand off the backs or use a chemical stripper.

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I spent the last two nights working on the first speaker.  I used Zip Strip paint remover with a plastic scraper and wire brush to remove the paint.  Then I applied Howards Restore A Finish and Wax N Feed.  The pictures don't do justice to the results.  The crossovers were mailed out today to be re-capped.  The only remaining task is to decide what to do with the paint in the back of the dog houses.  For now, in lack of a better plan, I have left it alone.


Back panel before and after Zip Strip.


Side by side is the comparing the refreshed cabinet vs. untouched.






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