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RP280 or R-115SW terrible burning smell.


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I have 2xRP280 and a R-115SW sub connected to a Denon AVRX6300H for about a year and half. 


today, the left speaker next to sub started buzzing, then cut out and then there was a horrible smell. the smells is coming from the speaker next to the sub or sub. it smells horrible and is quite terrifying. 


What just happened? is my equipment ok?   what can i do to resolve? should i be concerned of fire and safety? 



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My best guess would be that the tweeter on the left RP-280f is fried. However, it could also be that the amp on the sub or one of the amps on the avr is blown. Try to find out which one this happened to... Maybe play a soundtrack and see which one isn't playing as it should. An ohm meter can also be used for this.


Not to worry though! Elements on a speaker or a receiver is always changeable. Safest thing to do would be to find out if the country you live in has a licensed klipsch service center/denon service center and contact them. The speaker doesn't seem to have any screws around the tweeter/woofers, so might be smart to just send it in for service and not make matters worse. The sub and receiver should always just be sent in for service if you don't have experience with these sorts of repairs.  


I myself live in Norway and even we have a service center here for klipsch at least. Your local klipsch retailers will have a service company they send defect products to.  


In conclusion, try to find why this happened in the first place. It could just be a defect product, but have you been overworking your system to much? Is the equipment old? 



Good luck! Hope you get it fixed!  

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