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How many of you saw this coming? Cary Audio....


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Cary Audio has introduced its Klipsch Heritage Speaker edition of its SLI-80:




Kinda wonder how much royalty Klipsch gets out of the sale of each one, myself...just saying...BUT, I ALSO wonder if Audiovox is looking at a possible buy-out of Cary Audio, too!...or maybe intends to get into the tube side of things sometime soon?



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17 minutes ago, HDBRbuilder said:

You gotta eye-patch and talking parrot to go with that wooden leg or something, Long John Silver?

A pirate captain walks into a bar with a wooden leg, a hook and an eye patch. The  bartender asks him "What happened captain, you were in perfect trim before this last voyage."

"Arrr" replied the captain, "It 'twas a rough voyage" to which the bartender replies "What happened to your leg?"

"Arrr I was on deck doing battle and a mast was hit with cannon fire, broke and came down on my leg shattering me bones. So they took it off an' gave me this here wooden leg."

"That's terrible"  said the bartender, "What happened to you're hand?" 

" Arrr, later in voyage we faced a great storm and the crew lashed me to the wheel so I wouldn't be blown overboard. A monster swell took the ship's rudder, spun the wheel and ripped me hand off. Arrrr, so they gave me this here hook."

"Terrible, terrible" gasped the bartender,  "What happened to your eye?"

"Arrrr,  I was on deck and 'twas a fair, warm day, a gentle wind aloft, so I lifted my face to the sky and a gull shat in me eye."

"That wouldn't take your eye captain" replied the bartender.

"Arrrrr", said the captain, It was the first day with me hook"........






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1 hour ago, kevinmi said:

I don't know if the wood sides are going to make it sound better, but I do know that my Cary SLP-98P preamp and Dennis Had Hotrod amp are a match made in heaven with my K-Horns!


I sure it is a great match. I'm driving Heresy III's with a new to me Inspire PSE . It, like the Hot Rod, can run quite a few power tubes. Dennis's Inspire amps all perform WAY above their price point.

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5 minutes ago, ToolShedAmps said:

Hmm..... If I had to guess, Cary Audio is tired of seeing my P.W.K. Edition, Euphoria Stereo 2a3/45 in the Klipsch Heritage ads......., including the pic on page 158 of this year's Music Direct catalog of the new AK6. ;) 

Your amps are awesome looking! Love to hear one someday.

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I also use a SLi 50 first version 2x30W class A of 1996 with my CWIII, it's a perfect wedding!  👍


I love the look of P.W.K amps. Edition, Euphoria Stereo 2a3 / 45 of ToolShedAmps  😍  I'm sure their sound is great 😎



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