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Klipsch Belle (pair) and a single Heresy $2400


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The Belles are from 1975.  I was told I am the second owner.  I have some of the orignal papers that the prior own had.  They are the AA crossovers.  You can see the condition of the speakers in the photo.  The are in very good condition.


The Heresy was purchased by itself and used as my center channel.  Prior owner said it has a Crites crossover in it.  You can see some discoloration of the grill on the Heresy.  I have the matching black fabric, I was going to redo the grill.  The fabric and glue will be included in the sale.


I really prefer to sell them all together.  I have not listed on Craigslist or Marketplace yet.  I would prefer they go to a forum member, someone that will cherish them for what they are.  My next set of speakers will hopefully be Palladiums.


I am located near Appleton, WI.  Lets be honest about shipping.  It is not practical nor safe as these are fairly rare speakers.


I would like to get $2400 for the set of three speakers.  I feel that is a pretty fair price but you are free to tell me otherwise.

20190410_214531_resized (Small).jpg

20190410_214536_resized (Small).jpg

20190410_214558_resized (Small).jpg

20190506_192928_resized (Small).jpg

20190506_192940_resized (Small).jpg

20190506_192954_resized (Small).jpg

20190506_193008_resized (Small).jpg

20190506_193014_resized (Small).jpg

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On 5/30/2019 at 8:44 PM, ForKyleigh said:

Am I priced high?  Thoughts?

I was not going to weigh in on a sale by a Forum member, but since you asked, yes they are priced higher than speakers in similar shape.  Yours look beautiful shape but the dirty grills brings the condition down from Good to Average IMO.



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16 minutes ago, ForKyleigh said:

Opinions are respected.  I also knew that price can vary by area as well..  I will.glady take offers so that I can peruse Palladiums.

Thank you for your understanding.


I went ahead and took out the specifics from my previous post now that you have read it.  If I can be of any more help let me know via PM.  I really don't want to influence your sale.  You can ask any price you want, they're your speakers.  -Dave

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