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Klipsch KSP 300


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the subs and amps are in working order. i give the cabinets a 7.5/10 but i am a tough critic, they are black though and will touch up very nicely. i tried to include the best pictures possible, the lighting was poor and i was not carrying these up the stairs again haha. i think they weigh near 100 lbs each so obviously pickup South Philly


pictures here


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That's a steal Charles. Problem is virtually no one knows anything about the Synergy Premiere line from 20 or so years ago. After ear fatigue from other Klipsch speakers I owned years ago, Chorus II among others, I decided to attack the harshness from another angle. New crossovers that attenuated the harshness or new tweeters or titanium diaphragms (worse) to replace the stock phenolic, whatever it takes to tame the harshness that ultimately changes the speaker wasn't for me. So I sold them and bought Synergy Premiere speakers. The high end of the naturally warmer sounding speakers are easily increased with brighter sounding amplification and interconnects (Cardas warm, AudioQuest brighter). And placement (toe in) and careful adjustment of bass, turn the volume down until the bass disappears. We hear a lot about the built-in amplifiers. No amplifier lasts forever. I've been listening to my KSP's lately and they still sound great, I bought them 18 years ago. So good luck with your sale. If you were closer I'd buy them myself. $350 is a steal for those speakers.



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23 hours ago, T2K said:

couldn’t agree more Keith.  I knew nothing about the synergy line when I got these and I couldnt be more impressed.  Id like to keep them but my wife is insisting they go .  I was hoping to find them a good home at a reasonable price! 


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