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Can't believe these haven't sold yet. There's some idiot on Audio Circle trying to unload a pair for 3600.00. I know Klipsch had a price increase since I bought my pair, but I got mine brand new for 2900.00 including shipping. His asking price is just nuts.



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2 hours ago, Shakeydeal said:

Can't believe these haven't sold yet.


Agree!  Seven months old, pristine condition, price is right, and even a Forum Member discount.  These should have sold fast.


I guess like everything else, timing is everything.

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I may be in the market for these, just not yet. I know another forum member is selling as well.

I'm closing on a townhouse to move in August so finally no more renting in an apartment building (so i can finally get a SUB!!!!!) so i'll have a dedicated basement/theater and looking for something like these for livingroom 2 channel music (and for the mains of a small 5.1 system for casual viewing)....just not yet.

But if they're still around, considering me incredibly interested.


My home office is south NJ, i could do down, rent a car,s wing by you, and drive back up with them (or pay for shipping if you're willing to when the times comes... )

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