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How can I have a Dolby atmos sound, more immersive ... with what I have

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I'm a fan of this forum, many solutions .. questions ? How can I have a Dolby atmos sound, more immersive ... with what I have ..  


in audyssey calibration I put the crossover center 40HZ, front 60hz, surround 90hz, surround back 80HZ, dolby atmos 80HZ, and subwoofer both 120HZ .. (I read 80hz all) I want opinions ..


and tone center - 9.5 DB, front - 6.5 db, surround -5.0 db, dolby Atmos - 3.0 db .. lowering the tone (+ or -) db increases the volume, this could affect the quality of the sound?



Home theater 7.2.2 

AVR Marantz 7012 

Bluray 4k Panasonic DP ub820 

Front  klipsch RF-42 II

Center RP 504C

Subwoofer klipsch R-110SW

Subwoofer SVS PB 1000

Surround and surround back RB-41 II

Dolby Atmos Rp 140SA 

Emotiva BasX A-700 (only 5 channels used, center, front left, front right , Dolby Atmos left and right )

living Room size 13 x 31 (403 sq feet complete) (used front TV is 13 x 12 sq feet)

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I'm not sure it's possible to advise you remotely on what levels to set your speakers at so that you get more immersive sound, as every room is different and will have different characteristics and requirements. 


However we can address this crossover issue, and there are various schools of thought on this, which you'll ultimately have to decide on what works best for you. In my opinion, you have your center and fronts set too low. Your frequency response of your fronts is rated at: 59Hz-24KHz ± 3dB, and the frequency response of your center is rated at: 58-25kHz +/- 3dB. So setting your fronts to 60Hz is a bit too low as you need to factor the roll off in, and setting your center to 40Hz is way too low, as this falls way below the capabilities of your center speaker. In both cases I would up the crossover settings to 80Hz.


For what it's worth, I recently lowered my fronts from 80 down to 60, as my fronts are rated at 35Hz - 24kHz +/- 3dB, but then set it back up to 80Hz after coming across a compelling argument for keeping them higher. Now not everyone will agree with this way of thinking, but from the speaker specs on paper, we simply don't know how much output our speakers will actually have at these lower frequencies, and it's unlikely that my double x 8 inch woofers in my speaker towers will have anywhere near the same output at these lower frequencies as a dedicated 12 or 15 inch subwoofer would. So it would be better to leave the subwoofer to handle these lower frequencies, even if your speakers technically can reach down lower.


But again, there are various schools of thought on this, and many people do set their fronts down to 60Hz. But your your speakers really don't have a low enough frequency response to do this. Be that as it may, I recommend you gather all the facts and then make a decision that works best for your situation To get you started, I highly recommend this Audioholics discussion on the topic:



Let us know what you end up going with... and I hope you manage to squeeze the performance out of your system that you're looking for.



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@inMotionGraphics  thanks.. read all I saw video.. interesting, do you see my speakers? my center channel is too big rc 504c and another too small comparing than center , because audyssey settings 40hz ..

question is ..how can I get more immersive sound?

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@angelluisg I did see your speakers in your list, which is how I know what the frequency responses of your front and center speakers are. Even if Audyssey set your crossovers at 40hz and 60hz, you can (and probably should) override these settings so that they fall well within the capabilities of your speakers. None of your speakers can operate effectively down to 40hz, so you should let your subwoofers handle these low frequencies. 


If I were you, I would start by raising your crossover frequencies for your fronts and center to 80hz. See how that sounds and then experiment from there, but I wouldn't go much lower than 80 if it were my system. 


Then if you want more immersive sound, try increasing the volume of your surround and atmos speakers. Remember, Audyssey should just be a starting point. Don't be afraid to make minor tweaks and adjustments to improve things to your liking. 


I hope this helps.



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