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RC-35 Center Channel Tweeter update?


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Hello all.  My first time posting here because I'm looking into getting a new Home Audio System for my house. 


I have a old RC-35 center channel that could be used if I so choose (I've owned since new but has been in storage 99% of it's life in house).

I’m wondering if I can update the RC-35 with a matching tweeter to the newer RP-xxxx lineup?

Should I even worry about running different style Klipsch tweeters in my front sound stage?

Will it fit without major rework of current design?

Would I need a new cross-over?


I haven’t decided 100% what I’m going with for complete system.  I will build my surround system up as I go and start with a 3.1 system.  I haven’t decided on springing for new RP-8000 or RP-6000 towers or just some RP-600M bookshelves to start.  Main use is TV and movies but I do entertain guests with music ever other week or so and enjoy jamming out here and there to many differing types of music.  Mainly classic rock, pop(Chromeo) some top 40 stuff.  


Receiver: I think I’m locked in on a Denon X4400H receiver for now.  $800 right now but the X4500H should be going on sale soon says Best Buy Magnolia dude as of yesterday.  New 4600H model will have better HDMI setup with E-arc to grab smart TV atmos signals.  Work around is just use a Roku Ultra or external device instead of your smart TVs stuff.

Additional info



quick summation: Medium living room with 9’ Ceiling open to dining area and kitchen which combined are a little larger than the living room area because of the stairs attached to rear of living room going up to second story. 


Background on current system: 

I’ve had a SB-3 soundbar setup for a while.  It sounds good BUT the 10” sub doesn’t have enough volume until I really crack it up.  Going to move this to my Game room.



History of before:  I moved around a bit and felt like I needed to sell off my system that had large RF-3ii Towers in it (dual 8” woofers for those that don’t know).  Worked great even with a crappy receiver.  Shouldn’t have sold that stuff off though.. .


testing - I did listen to some differing brands at a Magnolia setup the other day.  They didn't have Klipsch setup there but I listened to Elac Debut 6.2 Towers with Definitive center and vise versa and the imaging wasn't terrible but those are not horn to dome transitions.  ELac = silk dome, Definitive = Al. dome.  So dumb how the didn't have ANY Klipsch Towers in their Magnolia room.  



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