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Southeast Michigan Gathering


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2 hours ago, DizRotus said:


You, and everyone, were welcome.  How long a trip would it have been?


Only about 6 hours each way.  Just enough to make it an overnighter, and that was disallowed for other reasons (obligations).  I do want to hear me some Danley(esque?) boxes and have plenty of earplugs for shootin', chainsawin', and (usually) live entertainment.  Another time, perhaps.


If Claude still lived in Indy, that'd be an hour and change each way...

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I'll attempt to identify those in the pics in Kevin's@kevinmi post above.


In the top photo, left to right, Matt @Skelt, Claude @ClaudeJ1 ( back to camera), Dave @mopar dave, Bill @Picky's_Son_1974 (back to camera), Dave @Dave1290 &  Glen's @picky left knee.


The middle pic has, left to right, Bill, Dave & Glen.


The bottom photo has, left to right, Glen, Dave, Bill, Claude, Matt & Dave.


Everyone is accounted for except Kevin, the photographer, and yours truly.  Picture Paul Newman and Robert Redford  . . . there's no resemblance,  but picture them anyway.


The setting is my backyard. 

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3 hours ago, DizRotus said:




You and your favored style of clothing at a Klipsch gathering reminds me of that Doris Day classic:


K Sarong Sarong



I didn't even show up and made it interesting.  lol

by the by

I'm known for my robe, not the sarong.

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Dave @Dave1290,


Tell Steve the bowl was a hit.  Rather than wait almost a year, I gave it to her today.  I’m coming to the realization that, at my age, things to avoid include: green bananas, magazine subscriptions and deferred pleasure.  Tomorrow might not get here.

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8 hours ago, DizRotus said:
12 hours ago, glens said:

A robe by any other name...


Shakespeare pun of the day.  The Bard would be flattered.


You two had set that up so perfectly for me, I just had to step up, dig in, and knock it out of the park.  It would've been remiss of me to neglect it!  Thanks for both the opportunity and the recognition.

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Here is the downstairs system heard by the gathering.  DIY Super Heresys and four DIY EATH subs.  The two iNuke 1000dsp amps power the four subs.  The black box above the iNukes holds the TI TPA3255EVM class D chip amp that powers the Supers.  The naked 3255 and power supply are also shown.






The DIY Fostex FE103 single driver TV speakers were played briefly powered by a $5 TDA7297 chip amp just to demonstrate how good a minimalist system can sound.  The 7297 is below to the left of the barrier strip.





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Yes, two subs are firing into each corner.  I tried a few other configurations.  So far, in this small space, this seems to work best.  Now that the gathering is past, I'll tweak some more, but I doubt I'll find another arrangement that works as well without taking up more of the scarce space.

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