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Looking to confirm Heritage timeline intro of 1RC network

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I am curious whether the notation in the Klipsch Heritage Timeline  "1955: K-500 / 5000 network phased out in favor of the 1 RC (Type A network)" is accurate?


I have a Klipschorn built on June 21, 1957, that I am pretty sure has all original components, and it has the 500/5000 W2 network.


Indeed, there is a 1957 price list that shows the W2 available separately and as an exchange/upgrade.


Additionally, there is an upgrade installation sheet that states the "500/5000 W2 is the 1957 standard for Klipschorns"


I searched the site, but couldn't find any additional content beyond the timeline.


I see the 500/5000 W5 was introduced at the same time to coordinate with the option of the T-35 tweeter (aka K-77)


If so, did the W5 become the 1RC?

klipsch price list 50s seperate components.JPG


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Looks like the switch was from the K-500/5000 to a Type 1RB...still curious about cut over date..definitely not 1955

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This will take a little digging.  Answers later this week.

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As PWK would say, "I disagree with the author".  That author would be me! I've spent the last hour and a half searching our pricelists and network schematics.  The "final word" on networks will require may hours if not days of sifting.  What I can say is the following, primarily based on pricelists:


570900     K-500-5000 without a suffix last appears

571101     W2 suffix appears.  I believe this is in association with the first use of an autotransformer.

580519     W5 suffix appears.  K-77 introduction.

630501     W6 appears.  This may account for the change from an SAHF to a K-55.

640601     "1" appears.  This likely coincides with the K-400 introduction.

670401     "A" appears. 

711001     "AA" appears.


Attached are a few clues.


Instructions 570315 Crossover Mods.jpg

Instructions 580109 W2 and W5 Network Modifications - draft  001.jpg

Instructions 580115 W2, W5 Crossover.jpg

Network Notes 670120 037.jpg

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That is incredible!  Very interesting stuff.

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