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Just got some Forte III and all I can say is WOW!


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35 minutes ago, Trent_G said:

Thanks for the warm welcome. I was eyeballing these horns but it was a 12 hour round trip. Wasn't quite up for that. 



Enjoy what you have cause they make 'em every day.  They always surface in time.  The problem is they surface and your diggin for cash!  Relax and trust in these guys in here.  Great bunch who've been around the block once or twice.  Search your thoughts or ideas in here, hang and relax.  Like someone already said we don't bite too hard!  Welcome aboard again!  BTW, how's everyone like them?  Bwa ha ha!   😎

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I was considering the speakers.  A piece of music can be rendered very less appealing when the horn at an inopportune time gags or attempts to cough up and spit out a bug it swallowed.  Fingernails on a chalkboard never really bothered me but a hard spot in a crayon as it skips across the coloring book page and a gagging/hacking La Scala just send me through the ceiling.

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