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The Three with GA - Audio Delay/Sync Issue Bluetooth

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Yesterday my Three arrvied and I testet it with serveral inputs and it sounds magnificent. So far, so good!


There is just one major problem witch I encountered, its a deal breaker for me :/


When I watch content (YouTube App, TV, Prime and so on) over my LG C9 OLED TV (Audio source bluetooth), i get an Sync issue (delay) with the picture an sound. 

I would say its about 1 sec. It is enough that u can see it immediately.


Before i got The Three I had another Bluetooth speakter conected to the TV, there was no issue. 

So i am guessing The Three is the problem.


Is there anything i can do? I am quiet frustrated about that issue...😓




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If your two devices have different bluetooth versions currently installed, a delay in A/V can occur. This should be fixable if the two devices can update their bluetooth versions to the newest one. 

Also a simple troubleshoot could fix the problem.


Furthermore, since your Klipsch speaker does support WiFi, you could connect your TV and speaker through that, rather than bluetooth. This implies that your TV can connect directly to WiFi speakers without the use of a medium such as an apple tv. 

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Thank you for replaying.


Yes, the versions a diffrent - LG C9 TV bluetooth 5.0 ; Klipsch 4.1. 😓


I would guess there will be no Update for the Klipsch. I dont get why the Klipsch is using an older version of bluetooth. 


I have no idea how to connect the Klipsch Speaker via WLAN to the TV. 

The TV only offers me to connect to an bluetooth audio source.

If i am wrong, does anyone know how i can connect via WLAN?






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