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Going back to last nite's Titan's game a bit.  Loved the look on John Harbaugh's face at the end of the game.  Vrabel went to the same game plan OSU does against any team coming into Cbus.  Isolate on their best!  Took them right out of the ball game.  What I chuckled about was when they panned that camera to John, he had the same look on his face that brother Jimbo does when OSU's stompin ichigan!  Hated to see Vrabel leave OSU but everyone knew he'd do a great job in Tenn.   Guess we'll see.   :)   


Just saw these.  "Without" a pic it didn't happen...  Riiiiight!

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Mmmm...... check out the score from earlier this year when SF played the packers.  Honestly I think the niners have more of an issue with “mobile” qbs. And AR doesn’t qualify as one of those. Look what they did to cousins. I think the same is I store for the old blue. 

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2 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

I've been hearing a bit that Bill O'Brien is going to be out.....

They'd have to pay a TON to get rid of him.  The front end of the Texans organization  is so screwed up.  They don't even have a director of player personnel.  They're the only team in the NFL that doesn't.   O'Brien has been making all the personnel decisions which is why they don't have any draft capital. 

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14 hours ago, JJkizak said:

I never liked Romeo ever since the Browns fired him.


} Like Congress NLF coaches need term limits. Chiefs had a love affair with Romeo ( must be inherent with the name ) twice. Defensive coordinator in 2010 and head coach in 2012. And I forgot it was Romeo and GM Scott Pioli who approached and tried to persuade Belcher from committing suicide at the Arrowhead practice facility parking lot. Looking back that took more ballz than coaching an NFL team. These guys could have easily been gunned down prior to Belcher taking his own life —

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