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NFL 2019


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Ugh, I don't mind the Raiders, but not sure about the owner.  I would not see TB12 in Las Vegas.  Jimmy G. has San Fran locked down, but the Chargers ... hmmmm.  Then BB moves to GM and Josh McD takes over as head coach.  Half the players leave and NE starts on 20 years of no playoffs.  This will test my allegiance.  Anybody here watch curling?

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10 hours ago, Pats3of4 said:
10 hours ago, DizRotus said:

The Niners may be better in some areas, but KC has the better QB.   

Jimmy G will be MVP!


Jimmy G will have to pass for more than 100 yards if he's going to be the MVP.  Jest sayin'.  😎


This is a tough matchup to call.  I'm going to go with the better quarterback and pick KC for the win.

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The Chiefs only made it due to TB12’s elbow.  Edelman’s torn rib cartilage, Gordon’s demons.  

Make no mistake, NE Patriots will be back next year.  I suffered through the 90’s.  The Dynasty lives!


BTW- the NFL season officially ended with an upset by the Titans

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