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Klipsch KG4 Passive Radiator


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The cat basically tore these a new one. What options do I have for total replacement? I've seen repair kits for other brands, but not Klipsch KD-12 PRs, also Dayton Audio has one, but the screw pattern looks different. 

All that said, I'll be damned if I can hear a difference, is that typical? 

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7 hours ago, ATLAudio said:

there’s ripped holes in the PR the size of a dime. 


What the best repair or air or replacement option?

Guess I might find some fabric patches that are maybe semi-porous, and cut however many holes you have, if the size of a dime, then round pie es the size of a quarter and glue with adhesive will create a new Bond, and let dry completely before checking your handiwork.

Sometimes  simple yet creative appoach is called for... enjoy.

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Many ways to patch paper, not so many for surround rubber (if that's what it is).  Though patches will affect the moving mass of the assembly, maybe too much.  I'd call Klipsch and see what they recommend.  Perhaps they can whip up a new pair (so matching) for you.


Maybe it was time for new speakers, and less cats, anyway :^)

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