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Parasound P6 and A23+ into Khorns

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23 hours ago, Hasty said:

I wonder if the P6/A23+ combo is a better sounding setup than simply buying the Halo Hint 6 integrated amp?   I think the A23+ is rated at 160 watts vs 180 watts on the Hint 6.  Personally, I'd guess that the separates would sound better and the slightly lower wattage might work better with a high sensitivity speaker.  This is pure speculation though.  Id love to hear anyone's opinion that's listened to both. 


It's supposed to be literally exactly the same preamp components and I'm pretty sure it's the same amp components as well.  Some people will claim to be able to tell the difference but I'd be shocked.  The separates gives you more flexibility for upgrading or using EQ's or whatever but otherwise the HINT6 is less clutter, half the power wires, no RCA / XLR, no trigger wire, and like 2/3 the size.  

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