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Doin' a little rearranging upstairs...


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Since weather was kind of crappy and muggy, my wife and I worked upstairs some today. I decided to put the Belle clones on the 15' wide "short wall" and I feel they sound better this way. I ran them on the VTA ST-70 for a little while but it's just too damn warm this time of year.  I hooked up my fully rebuilt Carver M-200t which, rebuilt, is right at 140 wpc and it honestly sounds a little better on the Belles.  Obviously its 4x the power, too, so it's coasting along pretty good. 


Moved some other things around but will post those later.  But progress. 





With the tambor doors shut on the Barzillay cabinet.  I love this thing and bought it maybe 13 years ago from the same retired Delta airlines pilot I bought the $500 1978 Walnut Klipschorns (that I had to unfortunately sell). 




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Thank you guys...I appreciate it.  Definitely nice to have a room for my humble and mediocre setup. :) Hung some more album art with some frames I made maybe 12 years ago back in Texas.  They've been stored at my best friends house for about 10 years now so it's nice to have them back.  


Also got my pair of Infinity Quantum 3's that I bought from the original owner in Dallas for......one dollar.  I can never sell them because of the story behind them. And those Watkins woofers sound fantastic. 







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I appreciate it.  I just need to get a cool sofa or love seat instead of the recliner as there's nowhere for anyone else to sit if they are up with me.  My wife wanted to put the recliner upstairs I think mainly because she didn't want it in the new living room for whatever reason.  Hell, all 3 pieces are barely 2 years old and leather.  Women...  I had found a cool beige Italian leather modern contemporary that I really liked for reasonable on FB marketplace but I was a day late in deliberating.  Oh well.

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@parlophone1  You know, honestly, there are a lot of things the Quantum 3's do better than the Belle's....especially, and obviously, in the low end department.  They for sure need more power than the Belle's but I don't listen at ear bleeding levels and my fully rebuilt Carver M-200t runs them quite well (rated at 120 wpc) and the same amp is running the Belle's, too.  The mids and highs on the Q3's sound wonderful and are very balanced and there are 3 controls on the back to "line them out" to the room they're in.  I gave $1 (one dollar) for the Q3's from the original owner who lived in the Dallas area and they are a pair I will never sell just because of the story behind them.  


I could easily live with the Quantum 3's and have nothing else.  They are built quite well and weigh in at over 100-lbs each but could stand to have a couple of braces put inside.  They are 1" thick MDF cabinets with real walnut veneer but Infinity didn't brace the insides probably thinking the cabinets wouldn't be that resonant with the thickness; they aren't too bad, though.  So currently, they are in the forefront of what I'm listening to as I like having the fuller bottom end that the Belle's don't....especially with the music I listen to which is a fairly broad range.  I also enjoy listening to the Cerwin Vega VS-150's because of their low end impact and they aren't the typical sounding CV speakers.  Maybe when I get a sub to augment the Belle's and then they'll be more enjoyable than they already are.

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Borrow away!  lol.  I guess there's really only so much you can do in that style upstairs area...which seems pretty common.  I kept it simple and inexpensive since we didn't buy anything extra yet.  Maybe one day.  Main thing I'd like to get is a better seating arrangement than a single recliner which limits the amount of people that can listen to music.  I'm pretty darn sure I don't want my best friend sitting in my lap so a couch, sofa, or love seat is next to go up there.  I thought I had a picture from the opposite end looking back the other direction but maybe I don't.  On the opposite end, if you're facing that way, there's a full bathroom on the left along with an area that's inset with the "step roof" that has a large 6' wide x 5' tall window.  In the center of that wall is a door to the stairs and to the right of that door is a door to a closet that leads to a small door that goes into the attic.  From my chair to the speakers right now it's right at 14' I believe and they are maybe 11' apart on center.  From behind my chair to the stairs door is maybe 16 feet and gives me a wall where my albums and (maybe) cd's will go.  


I'll have to see if I can find another pic but it's just the usual upstairs, I guess.

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Thanks for the answer.


Since I already have Infinities QBs, which are of the same vintage as Quantums just cheaper build, I was curious if the house sound is kept the same 😊.

I run mine with the 100 watt tube amplifier. Plenty of power for them.

Opened up my pair, braced them, sealed all the cabinet joints from inside and recaped them. They also did not have any bracing inside the cabinets. Sound good though.


Nice room you have. I bet it would be nice space to spend time in when finished.

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Looks great up there!  Nice to see your Infinity's being put back in use.  I've got just enough room in here for my old Ref Stndard 2.5's in here next to my LS.  2 of the 4 Emim's are toast and I'm just not into buying some from Graz for big bucks.  Down the road I prolly will but nice to see your pair up and running.  Lil change up is always good!  Enjoy!


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Picked up a new to me (used) leather sofa with cloth cushions today. Of course we washed and dried them first before using them. Bought from a very nice man and his wife who had taken care of it.  Now I have space for me and whoever else wants to sit here.  Currently, it's me on the left side with one of my cats and my wife on right with our dog listening to some Diana Krall "Wallflower". Not in the current pics here, though. Lol. 





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