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Moving to Colorado everything must go!


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So right now I have a bunch of stuff to sell. Like a bunch. I'm super busy with work and the kiddo out of school for the summer and trying to facilitate this move. I'm going to list what I have available and if anyone is interested you can comment and then I can take pictures and come up with a price. All prices are negotiable. I know typically people want pictures and prices but I have so much stuff that I don't have time for all that jazz. Available for sale: 


One pair of JBL SR4733x

One Klipsch R-112sw

AK5 upgrade kit (mids and highs drivers,  horns and crossovers)

Subwoofer boxes for k-horns with the crites subwoofer (clones, not factory Klipsch)

One pair of Eico HF-35 monoblock tube amps 

One pair of Heathkit tube 2-way crossovers (Joe bought them from me and then returned them bc one had a hum or a buzz so that would be something you would have to get fixed and the sale price can reflect that)

Amps and sound SET tube amp, Justin built it and said it was the prototype for the agartha.



Feel free to reply to this thread for transparency, I'm not trying to start a bidding war so the first person to express interest in an item and then can come to an agreeable price gets it. 


Also I have more stuff at my warehouse that I need to get over there and see what I specifically have to get rid of.

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19 minutes ago, Thaddeus Smith said:

I know you're busy, but generally we expect pics and prices. In the absence of those though, I'll happily give you $100 for the La Scalas. I'm in Dallas and certainly on the way to Colorado.

You gonna buy me dinner before you **** me? 😘😂

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