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Cornscala with Fatial Horns


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I first tried to do this back in 2011 right after working out the 2-way Cornscala Style D using the HF140 and LTH142.  Essentially just adding a tweeter to cover the top of the HF in the Style D.  Never made that combo really work to my satisfaction.  This current attempt will not likely be the HF140.  Not sure what it will be yet. I have a couple of different candidate drivers to use for the midrange, just need to find the time to do more testing.

Bob Crites

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Dave H did something super cool. He took a lth142 and was able to have a machine shop bore out the throat to take a 2”.  I think it was modifying the mounting ring. I think he then paired a DE85 and was very very pleased with the results.  
ALK designed the CSW450 for me.  It’s like a AP12 450 and the cornscalawal up top.  I’ll shot a pic of it this afternoon.  
The HF140 was the best 1.4” I could think of. 2” are so much easier to find drivers for. 
The STH100 is super impressive. I’ve had good luck with the de10. I had wanted the parts express de250 clone with polymide but they have DC’d it and only have the titanium. 
The DE10 crossed at 5600 on up should work nicely.  

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On 9/28/2019 at 12:06 PM, justinsweber said:

The STH100 is super impressive.


I had a pair with the HF105 drivers, but sold them to fund a 2-way style D project in old Jensen DIY Ultraflex cabinets.


They were used with a pair of 10" Lafayette "Criterion 100B" woofers. I ran the woofers wide open with a Zobel, and the HF105/STH100 2nd order at 2.2kHz.

The STH100 is cast aluminum little beast, and well made.

The HF105 had a smooth sound to my ears from what I recall. The HF105 driver was a lower cost option that I could afford for the Faital brand.


I may have to get another pair of STH100 horns eventually...probably the best tweeters I ever had with the HF105 drivers.


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