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Klipsch mix advice please


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I am a novice at home theater and have assembled the following equipment that I use for watching DVD's:

Onkyo TX DS494

Klipsch quintet front speakers

Klipsch SC.5 center

Sony SA-WM40 Sub

I want to add surround speakers and the options that I am considering are

a) buy two more quintets or,

B) buy two Klipsch SB 1 speakers and use them for the front. (I would then use the quintets as surrounds).

Which option would you recommend and would mixing the different Klipsch speakers sound OK?

Thank you for your help!9.gif

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SB-1's would be far better used as the main speakers and you'd have a better main to center match than you do currently. Use the Quintet pair for surrounds.

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On 11/1/2002 1:14:28 PM Stu Pidass wrote:

Definitely use your best speakers for mains. Surrounds provide mostly ambient sound anyway.



I am also using old Cornwalls for theatre mains. My question is - since these were designed for wide diffusion pattern in theaters, do they not function well in todays home theatre environment where narrow pattern across the front channels is necessary for a proper soundstage? I just listened to the RS/RC7 system when I bought my new center channel Klipsch speaker and you could definitely tell exactly where the director wanted the sound to come from.



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