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Indycar Series/Portland/Now


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If you only knew my friend.  Guy was thinking outside the box he said and my name came up.  Then the phone rang.  ALL downhill after that!  I'm finishing a bag of 3 day old sourdough pretzels now cause I can't move!  From now on "Just Say NO!" WILL apply!  I'm done!



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14 hours ago, billybob said:

Sounds like a good race finish..Thanks!

Scott Dixon was in the lead towards the end of the race, but his battery failed. Scott Dixon is a very good racer, a great guy, and lives 5 miles down the road from me, but I don't want him to pass AJ Foyt in championships, they both have 5. 

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On 9/1/2019 at 12:31 PM, Ceptorman said:

It's a very intense series these days. There are still 4 drivers fighting for the championship, and they all had bad qualifications yesterday. I'm hoping Josef Newgarden wins it all. 

Their last race is at Laguna Seca in 3 weeks, I would LOVE to be there.

I've just decided I have to go. Championship is really up for grabs. I'd like to see Rossi pull out an upset, but I like Newgarden too.

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