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FS: Klipsch XL-23 Icon X Center Channel ($150 shipped)


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Hey guys-


I have a used but in good shape Klipsch XL-23  Center Channel. There are a couple of small cosmetic imperfections which are pictured, a small chip and some small scratches. These are not noticeable while in use and do not impact performance whatsoever. 


The Icon X line are great performers and one of my all time favorite Klipsch speakers. Perfect combo of performance & style.


I have none of the stock accessories other than the grill. However I do have to stock box to ensure safe shipping. 


Paypal or cash only if local pickup. No trades.


Message me directly for additional info.








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25 minutes ago, carlthess40 said:

This is one line of Klipsch that I’ve never owned or listened to

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They are great looking and sounding speakers. I always find a way to incorporate them into a setup somewhere. 


Just didnt sell well when they came out in 2008. Bad timing economically as they were an expensive set. This speaker retailed for $500 to give you an idea. The XF-48 towers were $1250 each I think. They were an active speaker design, another I think they probably didn’t sell too well. 


They don’t come up for sale often, but you can typically get them for a pretty good price nowadays. They are worth a try if you have an application for them!

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