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KMHA Class by Chief Bone Head Oct. 18 & 19 (

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[09/02/19] If you are a KHMA member you should have received the below email tonight.  If for some reason you did not receive it please send me a PM here and we will get it figured out.  Current Members will be allowed to sign up first for the next couple of days and then we will open it up to anyone who becomes a member and wants to get signed up for the class.  If you are currently not a member but would like to become one to receive the discounted class tuition shoot me a PM and let me know and I will get you a spot reserved with information so  you can get signed up and get tuition paid.  As of about 9 p.m. Central Time we have had about 15 people sign up from all over including Arizona, Colorado and Georgia.  I will be updating this as we move forward.]  
Dear Klipsch Heritage Museum Association Member (KHMA)r:
The KHMA Education and Fundraising Committees have teamed up to bring you Chief Boneheads first official class.
We are very excited to announce Klipsch Heritage Museum Association, Inc.'s first educational event being held in conjunction with Klipsch Group, Inc's very own Roy Delgado, Jr. (who also is Chair of the KHMA's Education Committee).  As you all know, Roy worked side by side with PWK on Paul's last design and co-authored an AES Paper with PWK.  Plus a whole bunch more stuff we will let him tell you about in person.
Chief Bonehead has been working on a great class for you, there will be time in the lab at the plant and in our newly opened Paul W. Klipsch Education Center, plus some fun evening activities involving listening to great Klipsch speakers, and all of this will help support the Museum.  
KHMA is a 501(c)(c) Corporation and thus your Membership dues and the class tuition are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  Consult your tax advisor/accounting professional for full details. 



WHEN:  Friday, October 18 (1-5 p.m.) and October, 19 (8 a.m. to 4)


WHERE:  HOPE, ARKANSAS (Roy’s audio lab and the KHMA’s Paul W. Klipsch Education Center)


WHAT:  Roy Delgado, Jr. (Klipsch Engineer, KHMA Trustee and Chairman of the KHMA Education Committee) will be presenting a class over 2 days on the topic of “WHY DID PAUL DO WHAT HE DID” followed by “How Chief Bonehead Does What He Does Because of What Paul Did”


·       Class will be strictly limited to 50 attendees to ensure everyone is able so see and hear what Roy will be teaching you

·       The class will be broken into smaller groups in the lab where Roy Delgado, Jr. (Chief Bonehead) will explain what PWK did and then he will show you how he has taken what PWK taught him to now do what he does. Roy designs speakers using the principles taught to him by Paul W. Klipsch, in the same lab, with the same anechoic chamber that Paul and his company used to work on some of his most famous designs

·       Social time afterward with listening to the very latest in Klipsch Heritage products (subject to production schedules)

·       Lunch provided on Saturday, other surprises for attendees


COST:  $250.00 (50% discount ($125.00) for PWK Brigade, Heresy Guild, Cornwall Club, and La Scala League Members)  [Not a member yet?  No problem send Travis a PM in this Forum and he can help get you set up.  Already a regular member this year?  No problem, send Travis a PM and he will get you in touch with Christy over in Membership who will help get you upgraded to the membership level of your choice for the discount.


Number of Attendees:  Strictly limited to 50.  This is in order to have the classes divided into manageable groups so there is plenty of room over in the lab for Chief Bonehead to show you the things he wants to show you and for you to be able to hear the things that matter


Miscellaneous:  We will have lunch brought in on Saturday, we will be coming up with final selections on an anchor hotel based on rates and listening areas they will provide us.  Dinner is on your own each night but we will have places and times selected each night where most will gather (and Chief Bonehead will be). There will be plenty of great socializing starting the night before (Thursday), Friday and Saturday night so if you can, plan on coming in on Thursday and leaving on Sunday.


After you are registered we will send you a questionnaire about your audio experience, tastes, etc. so that Chief Bonehead can custom tailor a presentation that will be of interest to everyone, regardless of experience level.

Travis Williamson, Esq.

KHMA Trustee, Honorary Member No. 2, Executive Committee Member (Parliamentarian), Interim Fundraising Chair, Events Chair

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22 hours ago, codewritinfool said:

I can see it.  I would LOVE to go to this but I cannot.

I can't believe people aren't jumping on this.


They are, they are!  Many have been direct mailing me.


Just a few that have confirmed their attendance and paid:






@dtel's wife

Dr. Kevin Harmon



@Bill W.



Roy said he may need to pull out his bag of tricks.



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55 minutes ago, Edgar said:

Hmmm ... my boss has been telling me to take a vacation.

Based on a similar event 10 years ago, I believe you (in particular) will gain some key insights that will change the way you look at audio.  I think back on the conversations and demonstrations like they happened last week and discover new insights that I missed. I find that it's that memorable.  Bring all your audio questions that you've never been able to get answers to; you'll get them answered...and sometimes in surprising ways. 


Very enjoyable.  Recommended.



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3 minutes ago, Chris A said:

Based on a similar event 10 years ago, I believe you (in particular) will gain some key insights that will change the way you look at audio.


Ah, so that's the problem -- I've been looking at audio instead of listening to it!


Thanks, Chris. Trying to make the the schedule work.

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1 hour ago, mark1101 said:

So remind us.............How do you pay?


59 minutes ago, dwilawyer said:

I'll get it to you, I need to get to secure email.  You will have it trust me.

Haha!  Don't worry Mark.....it's all about raising funds for the museum....I know we are allowing folks to mail in a check, which saves us fees, but Paypal may be easier for some folks, so we are offering both.  


Can't wait to see everyone....

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