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RP-260F Vs RP-160M

Joao Humberto

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I live in Brazil, at the end of the year I'm going to Florida, and I'm intending to buy a set of 2.0 speakers. Firstly i thought about the sixes(499$), but after a few negative reviews complaining about boomy bass and requiring a really good placement (and in my room i don't have plenty space for putting them on their best position possible) I decided to look after a few others, I found the RP-160M (399$), would match with the Yamaha A-S301BL(349$), and after a few more research I found the towers RP-260F that in my country I can buy for around 800$ converted, completing 1150$, I don't work yet, so this is really a lot of money for me. Any suggestions? Should I buy the sixes? Is there a difference between the towers and the 160s that worth that difference? 


I do not have plans to add a sub, since my mainly objective with this set is music and games, some movies eventually. And as I said, i have a small room and live in a apartment with my parents, so I couldn't turn it up all the way.

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If no plans for a sub, then the 260F is the way to go.  This is unless you are putting the speakers on some type of table or shelf.  If not then the 260F would take up about the same floor space as the RP-160M on a stand but provide much better bass if you require it.

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1 hour ago, parlophone1 said:

How big or small your room is? 

Maybe the bookshelves is all you will need.

Floorstanders in a small room could have problems.

If you have a problem in a smaller room, plug the ports :-).  You never know if you will have a larger room someday.  

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