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La Scala Clone and Bass Bins

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  1. This is an updated post now that the bass bins are done.
    I just completed a pair of La Scalas clones and bass bins. Although I am not completely satisfied with the finish I chose, the La Scalas do sound AMAZING, and that is what counts. I may re-do them next summer. Project was about a month from start of research to plugging them in.  I wish I had researched staining Baltic Birch before doing it.

    For those interested in the particulars:

    Mid-range horn is the Eliptrac 400 and and the tweeter horn is the Eliptract HF - I modified the motorboard and the speaker sides 5" taller to accomodate the Eliptrac 400. The openings in the motorboards were cut with a CNC router for exact fits. I left the horns natural MDF and then stained them. I deliberately left traces of the rings in the Eliptrac 400 as I like the look. The construction is all 3/4" Baltic Birch. I may go back and include the braces if the resonance issue I have read about becomes a problem.

    The drives and crossovers are all Bob Crites. Tweeter is the CT 120. Mid-range is the A-55G mounted to the Eliptrac 400 with an PS 50 aluminum adapter. Woofer is the CW 1526 (Stamped frame). The crossover is the AL3.

    As to the bass bins, the grills in the front of the tubes pop in and out although I have to admit I cannot hear any difference. I cut the 4" diameter PVC tubes to a length of 7" in accordance with comments I reviewed in the forums. Yes, I know that the bass bins are narrower than the speakers. Some idiot (me) cut the top and bottom of the bins from the dimensions of the Chamber Bottom (22 1/4" x 23 3/4") based on the attached plans. They should have been 23 3/ 4" by 23 3/4".  I do have enough wood to make another pair and may do that next summer when I refinish the speakers. I did catch that the lid for the bass bin in the plans is backwards. Mine also have internal bracing, and corner reinforcements, and supports I made for the 4" tubes.

    I am presently using an Yamaha RX A3070 with the pre-outs for the La Scala clones routed through a completely restored and refurbished Phase Linear 400 Series Two. The system has to do double duty between an Audio/Video system and a stereo.



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Well done mate 

Looks like you will be enjoying some fine music from the new build 🎶

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12 hours ago, Cellular676 said:

I did catch that the lid for the bass bin in the plans is backwards.


I've looked at that drawing for years and never realized I did it backwards. 🙄



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 It depends on what way one wants the bass ports to face 

To the wall at the rear 

Or towards the listener 


I have my bass ports facing the listener 








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Those sewer drain covers are impeding airflow through the ports, remove them.


Pre-stain wood conditioner will smooth out the blotchy color issue, just follow the instructions on the container.

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