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Location: Fall River, Wisconsin 53932

Price: SOLD

Research and add your own shipping costs. CONUS only


MSRP $3600

W/ CPI inflation factored in would be $5,471.62 today.


This Class AB amplifier is designed with a very high bias offset. That provides appoximetly 20% of rated power (900W) to run in Class A before it switches to Class B. So you are getting about 30W/channel and 60W/channel bridged Class A power. Don't believe me? Look at the specs. The idle power is 225W. That is how Class A is designed. That is why some have described Classé as having a "Tube like sound".


I think this is perfect for someone who appreciates the quality that Krell, Mark Levinson, Bryston can bring, and who are also not about to pay those prices. Classe brings alot of performance at a more reasonable price point. Classe has been favorably compared to Theta. May slot in just ahead of Aragon. Ahead of Parasound too.  Definitely ahead of Emotiva, Outlaw, Monolith, Integra, Denon, Marantz




http://bwgroupsupport.com/downloads/specsheets/classe/CAV-150 Brochure.pdf






Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz +/- 0.1 dB
Sensitivity: 1.2 Volt in for rated output
Input Impedance: 75 Kohms (single ended)
16 Kohms (balanced)
Output Impedance: 0.05 Ohm
Gain: 29 dB
S/N Ratio: More than 135 dB
THD+N: 0.004%
Maximum power and
Channel configuration With 8 Ohms load
Six (6) Channels 150 Watts x 6
Five (5) Channels 300 Watts x 1 (bridged)
150 Watts x 4
Four (4) Channels 300 Watts x 2 (bridged)
150 Watts x 2
Three (3) Channels 300 Watts x 3 (bridged)
Power Consumption (idle): 225 Watts
Power input: 110V 60Hz
Dimensions: 6 3/4" H x 19" W x  21 1/2" D
Net: 70 lbs.





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Classé doesn't seem to get that much attention on the Klipsch forums which is a shame.  I've mentioned it many times that Classé is among my very favorite solid-state amplifiers.  Performance-wise, Classé doesn't take a back seat to any of the brands mentioned above and may actually be preferable in some (maybe all) cases.  Some mention the tube-like qualities and I have to agree -- the smoothness of this amp approaches tubes.  While I still prefer tubes, I've wondered to myself what I'd miss if I just went solid-state for the convenience.   The answer -- I could live very happily with Classé.  Classé is a great match for Klipsch Heritage.  The great thing about Classé is the value you get, especially when buying used.  I currently own two of their amplifiers.  While I use tubes for two-channel, I use a multi-channel Classé amp for home theater.  $1000 is a GREAT price for this model and a better value than what I paid for my own Classé multi-channel amp!  This amp can be configured for 6, 5, 4 and 3-channels.  If I didn't already have my other Classé amplifiers, I would buy this in a heartbeat!

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This is the Hot Topic for me now. Going to concentrate on the sale of this amp. Time wasters and my own refusal to give shipping quotes have proven to be past road blocks on other sights. Please research your own shipping costs. I would love to sell this here to another member. I will pack it myself like it is going to war. I can deliver this myself if required for 50 cents per mile from 53932.

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Classé is top of the line in my book! I used to have a pair of the dr10s, and the dr6 preamp, and they were awesome! This is a great deal too...Someone should snag it up!


If this had 6 balanced inputs I would be grabbing it for my K402 MEH build!


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