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Cornscala Type A Upgrade path recommendations

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There might be some ALK crossovers for sale over in the Garage sale area....just an FYI.

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I built the economy universal once and compared it to the way I used to build it. Based on that experience, I never for a second thought it would hang with what I sent you.


I was surprised no one even bothered to ask what I built. 


For the Selenium D-405 on the m2380 horn I decided to bump the crossover up a bit (600Hz) and bring the CT-125 in a little sooner (4000Hz). I went 2nd order on the tweeter.


Since most ears don't really like a flat response, I tip it down a bit. I bring the mids and top down to 96-97dB. Basically, I just don't factor in room gain.


The 600v Miflex film cap is overkill, but these things are such a great value it's dumb not to use them. Same general construction as a Jupiter for a lot less money. I could have used Arizona at that position, but people have come to expect something big *** from me at that position, so yeah, I've fallen into that trap.

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