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KSW-12 Driver Replacement


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I have an older 440W KSW-12 downward firing subwoofer and I am contemplating on whether or not to replace the OEM paper 12” driver with a newer copper spun type OR a 3rd party driver from JL Audio, Dayton Audio, etc.


Has anyone replaced their older KSW or equivalent driver with a newer one and if so did you notice an increase in punch or perceived output @ the same level with the OEM driver or any other differences?


The bottom end frequency for the OEM driver is 24Hz


Any ideas or thoughts?


I currently have:


+ One pair of Klipsch F30 front speakers (to be moved in back to use as back surrounds)

+ One pair of RP-500SA Atmos  speakers placed on top of the F30’s

+ One Polk Audio 5 driver center speaker

+ One pair of Polk Audio Monitor 50 Series II’s for the back surrounds 

+ One pair of Klipsch RS-14’s for side/high surrounds 

+ Klipsch KSW-12 subwoofer 


+ Onkyo TX-RZ840 Receiver (For Theater)

+ Homebrew 40 wattt x 2 tube driven pre/power amplifier (For Music only) 

+ A Project One pure analog tuner - the good old days 


My goal:


Obtain a new OR USED  primary front firing subwoofer (preferably the SPL-120) and then use this KSW-12 either as a 2nd sub behind my couch for home theater use or separately (non zoned) with my TX-NR708 receiver in another room for whatever. 




Tim Dickerson, CEM, NREMT-P


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