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KG2 question


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On 9/18/2019 at 1:00 PM, dtel said:

Have fun, but one warning your going to be addicted, I warned you.

So true! Those KG 2's will wet your appetite for other Klipsch models.


I'm a big fan of those HK receivers. Have enjoyed a 730 for almost 10 years.

Your 930 will do very well with those KG 2's.

Excellent units!

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Well, I got the KG2s. The guy threw in some stands which put the tweeters at ear level while I'm sitting. I played around with the distance from the rear wall, and though I like the tone of the bass, it just wasn't quite deep enough. So, I put them on the floor. I used some hardwood shelves and squares of rubber to create a tilt similar to the risers on a pair of Heresies. Played around with the distance from the rear wall again. Now, they're making my ears happy. Sound tested them with Led Zeppelin III, Billie Holiday, a local hard rock band, and now some John Lee Hooker. $75 well spent for my first Klipsch experience. 

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remember too that it has been widely reported here that Klipsch listed many of their speakers at one time to be 4 ohm and others that they were 8 ohm without any changes made to the speaker...


I have been running Bob Crites titanium tweeter mods in my kg2s for years without incident...also I have run them on many receivers, amps and integrated without issue to any of the equipment...


good luck with yours, the first speaker made for the bookshelf (despite being rather large for bookshelf speakers IMO) and a collaboration between and PWK and Gary Gillum and the derivation of the kg name...I've always called them kay gee two but I understand the original name was to be kay gee squared...I've bought mine new in 1989...enjoy yours



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