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R-112sw issues


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Hello everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advice. I have a Klipsch R112sw that won't power up. If I unplug it and plug back in, the light comes on for a second and then nothing. The actual power switch does nothing. I have to turn it to on and unplug then re plug it in to do anything. And all it does is shut back down. I haven't used it recently, I'm afraid my teenage son may have done something to it when I wasn't around and cooked something internal. Ugh...can't have anything with kids! Anyway, I bought it used so no warranty or anything, it worked awesome for about 6 months and I hate to write it off if it's fixable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much

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Agree with @CECAA850

The amps Klipsch uses are not the best. They can go anytime for no apparent reason.


Not sure Edwards is the best bet - I paid Edwards close to $200 to fix my RSW-15 a few years ago (they did a great job). The RSW-15 was close to $2k new when I bought it. It appears the R-112SW is quite a bit less than that new. Maybe buy a new sub - and not a Klipsch? Edwards repair for your maybe less....


Good luck



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