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Klipsch KG4 paired with Kenwood KA-5700?


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Thoughts on this pairing? Is it a decent pairing with the KG4's?


I can buy the Kg4's for around $100 as they are a little beat up on the outside, missing badges and will need refinishing. One of the woofers may need repair and/or eventual replacement.

The Kenwood  KA-5700 is going for $150. Seems to be in good working order.


I only have more modern equipment and not sure what I'm getting myself into.


Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.


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KG 4's, mine like every amp I play them on, I have the Kenwood KA 7100 they play great on this amp as well as a Teac BX-300.

The solid state amp of mine they realy shine on is a bottom of the line 12 w Technics SUZ-15, go figure.

So I would not be concerned, they are very forgiving speakers.


Feed them with a good push pull triode switchable  EL 34 amp, and you are in for a very pleasantly surprising listening experience.


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On 10/2/2019 at 11:50 PM, isthatfreedomrock said:

Is there a particular budget EL34 amp you'd recommend? Mostly punching some 70's 80's hard rock through the KG4's.


Line Magnetic 211IA, this amp is stunning on both my Cornscala D's, and the KG 4's.  It even gets my Vandersteen  2CE Signatures realy rocking on 12W triode without any problems at all.

Built like a German tank not at all like a Russian one.

At $1850 new it cant be beat.  It stands head to toe with my other amplification, an Audio Research SP16L Pre, and Opera Consonance Cyber 800 mono blocks.

That is $6,000 worth of amps.

I have done direct comparisons on my set ups with a lot of other amps some costing upwards of $6,000+,  it has seen most off,  none have realy bettered it unless you nit pick.

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