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CornScala project


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Now that the weather has turned I will be getting started with this project. It will takes some time because they are at my fathers home.  I just cut the holes for the zxpc horns and sanded them down a bit. I will be using DE85 Mid driver on them and for tweets will be using the De120's. Debating on using new woofers as my k33E's do not match, 1 square and 1 round magnet. Think i'll just order up a pair of 15c's.  Need to get the tweeter openings cleaned up a bit and some more sanding.  Will also be using ALK universals.   Gonna paint fronts, backs and risers semi gloss black. The rest will be veneered.  Haven't decided on veneer for sure yet. Have to see it to know.  Here's a couple i'm now looking at.   Also gonna use the lambs wool grill fabric.   Should be fun.



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Made a little progress on the project. I must say I am not a professional carpenter in any way, just a hobbyist.   Horns are just about ready to install. Got holes cut and inside flange installed. Tweeter openings are moved and trimmed out.  Next trip to my dads I will get all the sanding done and install the mid horn brace.   I filled in all the old counter sunk screw holes on the backs and drilled new one's as well.  Lots of sanding to do.   Once that's done I can lay down some semi gloss black paint to front and back.    I should be able to get to the veneer by end of November.




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couple more.    Question, on the back panel, I removed all the rope caulk I had around opening to seal back. Should I put anything in there or just install back with no seal?    I know Paul never used seals to seal the backs of his speakers to best of my knowledge.



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I have the ALK universal crossovers. Since they are adjustable on the tweeter and mid horn, I was thinking about mounting the crossover on the outside of the rear panel.  Had anyone ever done this? I would have to install a large binding post set up with a quad of connectors.  Not sure that would look very nice thou.  Just a thought.  

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